SCM Workbench

SCM Workbench is an Open Source project under the Apache License V2.0.

Installation kits are available to download.

SCM WorkBench Features

Screen Shots

Main Window

The SCM Workbench main windows is split into three main areas. The top area is like a file and folder explorer. With a message area at the bottom.

Diff Window

The diff windows shows not only the line by line changes but also the charcter by character changes within a line.

Git Commit History Window

The commit history window allows you to explore the history. You can diff between commits, see the changed files and the changes made for a single commit.

Git rebase is supported from the commit history windows.


The annotate windows allows you to discover when a line of interest was introduced into a file and read the associated commit message.


The SCM Workbench sources are kept in a git repository on GitHub:

Bug reports and contributions are welcome.


For Linux there are packages built for Fedora.

  1. dnf copr enable barryascott/tools
  2. dnf install scm-workbench